Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Night Before...

An international trip.

It usually involves a mad dash of packing and planning.

Oddly enough, I'm nervous since I haven't done a trip like this since Slovenia in 2009 and I haven't been to South America since Peru in 2008. Then I couldn't find the international adapter kit my very dear friend Abbie gave me a few years ago (after I killed camera batteries on two international trips), but then it was right in front of my face and I found it!

That said, many things are book, planned and ready to go. Although, I've left some room for chance, as it always happens on an international trip.

Considering those nerves, I am winging it.

Here's the current game plan:

Fly out Dec. 10 to Santiago, which involves many plane changes and an upgrade from Copa Airlines! Wahoo!

I arrive in Santiago very early Dec. 11 local time and hopefully can store my luggage at the airport for a  quick look at Santiago and then an overnight flight to Easter Island. Then I've got the day in Easter Island for checking out the ancient statues and hiking before another overnight flight back to Santiago. Then I have to catch a bus, which I haven't booked yet, to Puerto Montt. I've actually booked a hostel there for the night I should arrive.

From Puerto Montt, I'm boarding a ferry on Friday through Patagonia. I'm stoked about this part. STOKED! It's a four day/three night trip and I managed a discount somehow. I'll see all kinds of things and might get to disembark for a quick jaunt on one of the icebergs along the way. Amazing. I am so incredibly excited.

The ferry arrives in Puerto Natales on Dec. 17 and believe it or not, I've got a hostel booked for that night. Hopefully, the next day I'll head out for a tour of Patagonia on horseback. Seriously, horseback riding in foreign countries in genius and amazing. Did it in New Zealand twice and I love it. LOVE.

Once I'm in Puerto Natales I have pretty much no we'll see what happens. Then I've got to catch a bus to Punta Arenas to catch a flight to Santiago to get home. Ahh!

Get ready for an adventure folks, it's on!

I haven't finished packing, of course, but am grabbing dinner with some high school friends and drinking wine. The odds of me sleeping tonight are nil.

So excited and so nervous, but I am all about a great adventure!

I'll update as I'm able depending on internet connections and such.

Guys, I'm going to Chile. TOMORROW!

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