Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Island Mysteries

Guys, I went to Easter Island.

Kind of amazing.

After the walking tour in Santiago, relaxed at the hostel for a bit, grabbed a cab to the airport (another 14,000 pesos) and caught my flight, barely, to Easter Island. When I arrived at the airport, I stashed my bag there so I didn´t have to cart it back and forth across the ocean. But then I noticed on the flight boards that my flight was now leaving an hour early. Cue mega panic attack.

I´d just about worked it out in my head that I wouldn´t make it to Easter Island and what would I do instead,  but then the ticketing agents got it sorted and I managed to race through security and customs and get on my flight. When I got to Lima, of course my flight was delayed so I spent five extra hours in the airport but at least they let us in the VIP lounge to wait.

Finally was on my flight, with some incredibly annoying girls and then of course, couldn´t sleep. I watched Contagion at one point, which was probably a bad idea while in South America, but oh well.

Landed on Easter Island and had no plan whatsoever, so after navigating through customs again and talking to a very rude hostel/tour guy, I just went outside and found a taxi.

The driver was trying to tell me how much it would cost and he was saying 30,000 pesos (about $60 USD) and for some reason I was sure I didn´t have that much. I´ll blame it on the lack of sleep, because I definitely did. Another tourist heard my confusion and came over to help and we got everything sorted.

So instead of paying hundreds for a private tour that day, I got my own taxi and tour by a local for $80 USD in the end.

Alright, typing on this keyboard is infuriating and gotta get a bus ticket, more later!

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