Sunday, December 23, 2012

Awesomeness From Around Cyberspace

1.) Why aren't you traveling? Some fears to think about, then overcome. This is fantastic and I wholeheartedly agree. From the wonderful Solo Traveler:

2.) More from the Solo Traveler. It's a bit old so some of the prices have changed, but since I just came back from this place, I really enjoy this one on visiting Patagonia.

3.) Another on travels in Patagonia, seems I'm on a kick right now. But, the winds are intense. No joke.

4.) Learned about this guy from two Welsh guys. Somehow this stemmed from a conversation about songs with nautical themes or words and then somehow Alabama was in the conversation. They thought he was from 'bama, but doesn't look like he is. Still, enjoy!

5.) Love this from Adventurous Kate. Need to make my own top 12 for the year. What's on your list?

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