Monday, June 22, 2009

Last days in Slovenia

So I've been home for awhile and been meaning to update this.

The last days in Ljubljana were great. Pretty sure I already wrote about my adventure to the caves. Always seems stressful at the time, but always makes for a great story later. Plus nothing seems to difficult when you get home if you've managed to navigate your way through foreign countries and have a few near disasters.

But, after that adventure, myself and my new British friend Scott went to grab dinner and chatted for awhile about jobs, life, travels, education, universal healthcare, and more. It's always interesting to get a non-American perspective on what's going on at home and abroad.

We stayed out probably too late considering I had to be up at about 4 a.m. to catch the bus to the airport. While waiting for the bus I met a great Slovenian girl and we chatted the whole way there. Once we got checked in, we got some coffee and chatted some more since our flights left at the same time. Thankfully, the airline gave me my boarding pass for my connection in Paris, as there was no way I would have made it otherwise.

Landed in Paris on time, but that airport is enormous and had to be in an entirely different terminal for the flight to Atlanta. Catching the shuttle bus turned out to be an adventure in itself. It took ages since we drove the entire length of the airport and the shuttle was so packed that we were falling all over each other on every turn. Plus everyone was confused as to which terminal we were going to and in what order and it was a mess. But it's nothing like chaos in an airport to make friends with the strangers all around you.

Once I made it to the right terminal, I had to go through security, although at first, they tried to send me through the wrong line. Then I raced to the next shuttle to get to the right gate area and went through security there. It didn't take long, but I was cutting it very, very close.

I ran the entire length of the terminal and was so rushed that I had confused the gate number and went all the way to the end where they were boarding for New York. A bit frantic I stopped to look at my ticket in time to hear the final boarding call for my gate a few feet behind me. Ran some more and made it on the flight. Once I caught my breath, I realized some people were further behind me and so the flight left about 15 or 20 minutes late. All that running for nothing, but good exercise I guess. Helped me sleep a little on the flight back, which was longer than the flight over...about 9 hours. It seemed to take ages.

Back in Atlanta I had more trouble getting out of the airport since you have to check and recheck your bags just to get out. That was not the case the last time I flew international, so I was confused and frustrated. Finding the shuttle to my parking lot was even more of a mess, so much wasted time. Although might have been in part my lack of familiarity with anything outside the ATL airport.

Several hours later, after a solid 20+ hours of traveling I was back in Montgomery and upended my bag for loads of laundry, a hot shower and drinks with friends to beat the jet lag.

Only question now is where to go next?